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Would you like to help us preserve this beautiful choral music for future generations? You can support us with a one-off donation or, even better, become a friend of Cappella Pratensis and provide support over a number of years

Since its establishment in 2004, the Foundation Friends of Cappella Pratensis has created a unique community of old music enthusiasts. This group not only enthusiastically supports the ensemble but also has a deep passion for the historical music pieces that are performed. Over the years, Cappella Pratensis has gained significant national and international recognition, partly through special projects like "De Bossche Koorboeken".
Were you moved by a Cappella Pratensis concert and wish to enjoy these enchanting performances more often? Then you might consider signing up as a Friend. For lovers of the music of Josquin Desprez (Pratensis) and his contemporaries, and for everyone who cherishes the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Low Countries, we offer the opportunity to join as a Friend and be part of the growth and success of Cappella Pratensis

As a Friend, you enjoy the following benefits:

*Periodic information on current projects and concerts through the digital Newsletter.
*Discount on tickets for certain concerts and on CDs.
*A timely announcement of all Cappella Pratensis concerts.
*The opportunity to meet members of the ensemble after concerts.
*An annual Friends' Day on which the friends meet each other in a festive way, possibly after a special concert.

Sign up as a Friend by transferring a minimum of €35 to:
Stichting Vrienden Cappella Pratensis, 's-Hertogenbosch
IBAN: NL07INGB0005117614

Stichting Vrienden Cappella Pratensis has ANBI status with the tax authorities. This means that your donations are income tax deductible. See how you can benefit from these tax advantages. To promote public confidence in the philanthropic sector, the Tax Office expects all ANBI institutions to disclose various details via their website. Click here for these ANBI details. Finally, you will find the privacy statement here. In it, we explain how we handle your data.

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Board Foundation Friends of Cappella Pratensis
Jan Speelman, Chairman
Agnes Vugts, Treasurer
Frits Hoeve, Secretary