Jacob Obrechts MASSES   

Missa Maria zart


After several performances in previous years, Cappella Pratensis decided to record Jacob Obrecht's monumental Missa Maria zart on CD in 2022.
The album was released at the end of March 2023.
The CD won the Abbiati Award

In 1504, the great polyphonist Jacob Obrecht undertook a journey from his homeland of Flanders to Ferrara, where he had been appointed composer in Duke Ercole d'Este's musical chapel. On the way, Obrecht stopped in Innsbruck, where he must have become acquainted with the German devotional song for the Virgin Mary, Maria zart. The sweet tones of this simple song inspired the composer to produce one of his greatest works: the Missa Maria zart. With a dizzying array of compositional achievements and sheer joie de vivre, this mass is a monument of the flamboyant Gothic style, and at over an hour, it is one of the longest mass settings in the Renaissance repertoire. Only a year later, Obrecht died in the outbreak of the plague, so this mass can be seen as his musical testament.
No original choir book containing the mass remains, only a set of partbooks. Commissioned by the Alamire Foundation in Leuven, Marc Busnel, bass singer in Cappella Pratensis and calligrapher, created a new, full-size choirbook based on the original source.

Cappella Pratensis, conducted by Stratton Bull has won the Abbiati Award in the ensemble music category.
The Abbiati Award, is a prestigious music prize awarded in Italy. It is named after Franco Abbiati, a prominent Italian music critic and historian. The Abbiati Award is given annually to outstanding achievements and recordings in the classical music world, including performances, recordings and other contributions to the music scene.

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Missa de Sancto Donatiano

Missa de Sancto Donatiano
In the summer of 2007, Cappella Pratensis released a multimedia project around Jacob Obrecht's Missa de Sancto Donatiano in collaboration with Proffesor Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College, Massachusetts) and various partners. The result can be viewed and listened to here
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